metal shavings in g/box oil

Hi all, what is an acceptable level of metal particles in your gearbox oil when you drain it.Today when i drained my gearbox oil i found a couple of fine slivers of metal almost like pieces of swarfe about 0.200" long and about 0.015" thick , should i be concerned about these pices. I also usually find a small amount of small metal flakes which appear like glitter floating in the bottom of my oil drain container which i would assume is normal ( correct me if im wrong ). The bike is an 08 yz250 with 40 hrs on it , no gbox problems yet.

First few oil changes will yield some metal.. How many changes have you done?? Chunks are bad, shavings are usually ok... Likely just some debris from the clutch...

shavings are fine, if you want you could probably find a magnetic plug which will catch most shavings and hold them until you remove the plug for an oil change

You have to reinstall the drain bolt straight or it will cross thread and make shavings.

You have to reinstall the drain bolt straight or it will cross thread and make shavings.

I never thought of installing the plug straight, i thought installing the plug crooked was the correct way ( HAHA ) !

On my 06 I used a magnetic drain bolt after the first oil change. I still pick up metal.....maybe "pick up" is too strong. I can still "wipe off" metal from the magnet. I believe it comes from the clutch plates. The pieces are very small.

Even the first oil change showed few metal particles. Much less than I expected.

Thanks for the replys , another question i have is how much if any wear would you expect to see on the primary drive gear that is attached to the clutch basket after about 40hrs of use ( you can see the teeth of the gear when you remove the oil filler cap ). I have a liitle bit of wear showing on the teeth , just not sure wether this is normal or not.

Thanks .

i have an 03 and have little wear, of course it is normal for a gear inside an engine to wear, anything moving will wear overtime... unless you have broken teeth or rounded teeth it should be ok

I've just changed the oil, and some pieces (4 or 5) of the size TS describes came out (0,2" long and 0,015" thick). The surface is smooth, so I quess they are from worn teeth or something. My bike has run about 170 hours. Is this wear normal? Should I maybe split cases soon? This is my first change using a magnetic plug

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