Sunday the 19th.

Anyone from LA, or Orange County want to buddy up for a ride. I figure we can ride Baldy Mesa (15 & 138), Silverwood lake OHV, or somehting else.

I'm a good B class rider, and have done many rides with fellow TT'ers.

BTW: I want to take my non plated bike.

how about a 45 minute gp at lacr? vet riders (+30) race at 9.

bring that 200sx. it will rip at lacr.

More info please.

Is it a USDR race or something?

Do you mean lucern?

My self and my two brother in-laws will be riding out off of camp rock road on Sunday. First time out with a new to him bike for one of them,so we will just be taking it easy. Just a nice Sunday ride .

check out

it's at l.a. county raceway, in palmdale.

the layout is really fun. it's called 'the golden bear g.p.'

i will be there with a couple buddies. for one guy, it will be his 1st race ever.

Thanks guys. It's a bit farther then I want to drive.

Wish we could hook up tomorrow, but I've got LB Gran Prix tickets. Sounds like a fun ride, can you do it another time?

I'm not sure how to classify myself as rider other than I've been riding for the past 19 years, ride alot of mountian bikes when not on the gas powered one, can ride most any conditions with confidence. Just switched from 2 stroke to 4 stroke dual sport. If that helps.

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