sore knuckle (forever?)

About 6 months ago I crashed and landed on my hand. Seemed like the whole hand hurt for awhile but after time the pain went away except the knuckle connected to my left index finger. I never went to the doctor because after a couple weeks I could move my fingers and hand in normal movements without any pain. I only had pain from my knuckle when I would push on my index finger inwards toward my palm as if I wanted to crack them (bad habits) and I thought that would just go away with time. Well here I am and 6 months has passed and my knuckle still hurts like heck whenever I push down on my index finger. What did I damage??? Am I stuck with this pain for the rest of my life? Anybody had this happen to them?

Any info appreciated, thanks

Sounds like you need to see your doctor for an x-ray.

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