Air Box Question on 2007 wr450f

What is the best way to modify the air box on a 2007 wr450f? I have jetted the bike and installed a fmf slip-on exhaust, but I am not sure about cutting holes in the plastic air box. I have removed the snorkels. Thank you.

did you take the snorkels base plate off of the air box ? also are you going to install a hi flow air cleaner like a uni ??

Once the snorkle and retaining plate is removed, the plastic mounting rectangal can come out too, lift up the batter to see the mounting screws.

OK, great I will give that a try.


I seem to remember Ballards (internationally renowned Australian enduro gurus) recommending three or four 20mm diameter holes be drilled in the bottom of the airbox after the snorkel was removed.


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