who started jt racing usa

who started jt racing usa. what do the intitials jt stand for ?

I watched something the other day that said JT, was the initials of nearby Tijuana (TJ) backwards. I think they were founded in San Diego in the 70's. Sometime in the late 80's or early 90's they were bought by a paintball company. They are now one of the largest paintball mask companies.

John Gregory. I think his wife's name was Rita. It was really cool stuff back then.

I lived in San Diego back when JT started. Had a couple friends that worked there. I know it was cool stuff to have back then and I am kind of surprised they are paintball people now.

comment fromt another site:

JT sold to a company called Brass Eagle which was founded by some old Daisey BB Gun executives and based in Rogers, Arkansas. Brass Eagle makes paint balls and paintball gear. When they bought JT, they got the rights to the whole JT portfolio (name, logos, etc.). Brass Eagle wasn't interested at all in re-entering the scooter market. I tried a run at them with a viable business strategy and more than sufficient funding. They refused to meet with me and an investor group that included ex-Wal Mart clothing buyers who had all he Chinese connections.

Brass Eagle was eventually purchased by K2 Inc. which is a roll-up of outdoor gear companies (K2 skis and a bunch of other brands). K2 was formed and run by the ex-CEO of American Filter and is based in San Diego. I've heard these clowns showed an ex-Champ and his investor group the door----but I will let someone else tell that story.

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