which plug

i have an 06 yz134 and i have always ran a b9eg plug in it but i noticed it calls for an iridium plug, would i have any benifits torun the expensive iridium plug.

They are supposed to be more durable and longer lasting.

I ended up getting several of them for 50 cents each. I would have never bunnied up the 9.00 for them. The sad truth is, they are probably worth the cost.

The bike starts better. I'm looking at 1-2 kicks no matter the outside temp. On some winter days it gets cold here...I started it in two kicks at 20 degrees.

ok i think i might try one and see ..... my bike always starts good any way usually first kick and i end up replacing the plugs when they are just wore out not because of fouling but ill give them a try

They are a little expensive to go all in with. I dont believe I will lose any sleep once I have to go back to the standard es models.

standard is es but i run an eg, is this fine?

Yes, no problem. Th eg is positioned as a better plug than the ES, but I dont think many of us believe it really is.

Yes, no problem. Th eg is positioned as a better plug than the ES, but I dont think many of us believe it really is.

When comparing the EG to the ES, I have actually had better luck with the less expensive ES. So you can consider me one of the "many" you made reference to above.

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