REJET KITS FOR 150F's - were to get them from and price!!!!

Hey i was just wondering where i could get a rejet and power up kit and how much they would be.- preffably Australian because it will be easier for me to purchase that way but all posts welcome.


No kit available. LOOK AT STICKY ON TOP OF THREAD.:p

you have two options either Get one from or go the cheaper route and buy them individually at your dealer.

CRF150guy, have you done any mods to your bike? I just bought a 06 CRF150 for my girlfriend and i rode it to see how the power was and i was not impressed. Its perfect for her right now but with time she will grow out of the power it has to offer. What mods would you or any one else suggest?

yes i got my brand new and noticed after time that i needed more power so i took the baffle out of the muffler and it has more power and better throttle responce, also u can take the snorkle out of the airbox but i heard if u have both the baffle and the snorkle out without rejetting it then it can burn out ur engine, so that why im in need of a rejet kit.

I didnt do much to it. Check my garage for mods. I would send your cam to coeshow so he can grind you another one for more power. I believe you can tell him where you want more power and he will grind a new one. Exhaust will help a little with power.

Cool thanks for the info from both of you, i will pull the baffle out this weekend. What do you think about running a twin air filter, that is, if there is one available..?? I look at the stock one and it looks kind of cheesy.....

twin air or UNI air filter. Both are very good.

Nice avatar by the way.

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