will these Decals fit my 450f

Take a look at these and see if you can tell if they will fit the shrouds on my yz450f.

It says they are for a 125 and 250 two stroke from a 02 on up to a 09.

But do you think they will fit a 450f?


The ones in the picture would, but they aren't the ones for sale. YZ125/YZ250 graphics won't fit.

They were also never $58.

I got some of these about two years ago and they were getting pretty rugged,so I thought I would get another set.

The ones I have on the bike right now are just like the ones in the pic.

When I ordered mine two years ago, in the drop down box they had something like 01-06 yz250f/450f and so I got them and they were the same price $19.95

Do you want me to take a picture of them on my bike and post it so you can see that they look the same as the ones in the pic from above?

No. Why? They don't have the graphics for the 450 anymore, and the 125/250 ones aren't going to fit. They're using an old picture of the 450 graphic because that's the only pic they had.

Oh!....Well thats to bad.....I was hopeing I could get some new ones for $20.00 and spruce it up. Thanks for the help

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