Newbie with a new Bike

Hello I'm a newbie here and just thought I would say Hello.

I just upgraded from a 02 xr200r to a 09 crf450x and boy what a riding change that was.

I cant keep from smiling when I ride.

I need to buy a extra foam air filter so I can just swap them out, does anyone have any suggestions on type or brand (factory,Uni,twin air or no toil).

i like UNI...with PJ1 cleaner and treatment spray...and i always marine grease the air filter seam too...

quite an upgrade! hope u enjoy :p

twin air is good


I used Uni on my 200 and was just wondering about other brands.

yup, anytime

Welcome to TT!

Congrats on the new bike! Make sure you get familiar with the substantially more maintenance with this bike, though vs. the XR.

I just got my first 4T, and bought 2 twin-airs right away so I can ride 2 days and only clean filters one day per week.

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