After market needle input...


I've been looking at several different needles to try to fix a problem with my carb. I'm down to a 48 pilot, and still can't get the idle mixture screw to adjust out to the suggested 2.5 turns. It seems that the bike finally starts to run the way it should when the screw is bottomed out. I've visited with another rider, and we decided the needle isn't seating properly allowing the main to bleed over at idle. This is my only working theory since removing all the shims from the needle made it much less rich. With just the one (.35") shim from BD, the thing runs so rich I can blow flame. Looks cool, I guess, but sure makes it run lousy.

Take a look at my setup and let me know if we're on the right track.

My two questions are:

--What experience can someone share with me on needles? There's alot of talk about dynojet, but what of EMN and others?

--Could it be that the main is too big for the needle? I forget what size it is, but it is 2 or 3 steps above stock.

Thanks in advance for all the help...


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