What clothing to buy?

i have just bought an drz 400 sm and was wondering what clothing would be best either full leather (jacket and trousers), full textile (jacket and trousers) or mix them up. and what clothing is good but fairly cheap?


There are some good reviews of equipment in the main forum section. I'm in the same boat shopping for new gear as I just picked up my DRZ on Monday. But I'm looking for dirt/dual gear and selling my street gear.

Coming from the street riding scene for years, I wore nothing but leather. If I were to ride the streets only again leather would be my only choice (personal preference of course). I've never been a big fan of textile on the street as I've seen what it does in both pro's and con's to some of my street riding buddies. It works fine for the low speed get-offs. It's the ones were you slide for a while on the pavement that would concern me. Most that went down in mesh that I know of ended up going with leather and/or better armor the second time around. TIFWIW


I've always been a fan of textile. I mostly buy Joe Rocket because I get it on clearnace at newenough.com Although, my most current coat is half textile and half leather its a First Gear but i don't know the model and I really like it.

Leather last longer and is probably better in a crash, but the textile offers you a lot of options for cold or warm weather plus many are waterproof.

+1 on newenough. You can find some KILLER deals on there at times!! Only problem is sometimes they wouldn't have stuff in my size but you just have to keep checking in from time to time.

+2 for New Enough :p Good prices and unbelievable customer service.

I'm a textile fan. You'll get a little more abrasion resistance from leather, but (IMO) the textile is easier to care for, better vented, and you can get better colors for visibility.

For good, inexpensive gear look at the Scorpion XDR line, First Gear TPG line, and Olympia (not available at New Enough). If you want high-end, check out Rev'It gear.

New Enough is the bomb for street gear. I picked up a really nice Power Trip leather jacket with all the built in padding for $112. Saw it on the rack at Chaparral the following week for $269.

anything but the squid line of clothing!

Oohhhh, good thread. I need some better dual-sport gear, especially for the summer, and have no clue. I've never really bought motorcycle-specific gear other than boots and a used Joe Rocket street coat I've been wearing on my commute.

What is this mesh stuff I keep hearing about?

I assume you wear a chest protector over your coat?

Whereabouts are you? J & S shops do a good range. I favour my one piece suit, but, I'd go for a two piece leather and if you can afford it go for a textile jacket for those cooler days combined with the leather jeans. Also the textile jacket is great for those "just nippping out" kinda rides.

What is this mesh stuff I keep hearing about?

I assume you wear a chest protector over your coat?

Good jackets are pretty well armored, depending on how deep into it you plan on getting... :lol:

If you're interested in mesh gear, check out the Olympia Bushwhacker jacket. I'm planning on getting one for this summer...in eye-searing nuclear yellow, of course... :p

Thor makes a nice supermoto pant that if you look hard enough you can find a nice pair used for cheap. A good textile jacket with nice amor is fine. I prefer a ballistic jersey on the hot days. I recently went for a ride down the street without my bike and everything held up great. pants are a little abraised and outer jersey is no longer.

Moose for offroad and FirstGear textile for on road. Only stuff that comes in my size (4X)

If i'm doing any distance on pavement, i'll wear leather.. even if it's hot, if it's vented & you're moving it's not too bad. But if the pavement is minimal i like the textile jackets because they're lighter & vent better. Mesh is the best if it's really hot, like it gets here in Az. but leather is still best for pavement. If i could only have one jacket & pants, i'd probably get some vented leathers with built in armor. But if you watch the sales, you can slowly pick up different gear for different rides.

It's a good thing to think about what kind of gear you need for your particular style of riding. Don't get bogged down worrying if it's for dirt or street.. get what protects the best & has the best coverage for the types of risks you're likely to encounter.


What peg sliders are those on your bike?

I'm not sure: the PO put them on :banghead: , but they look to be the same as the ones sold in the TT Store.

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