94 cr250 power valve

I have my 94 cr250 apart right now because a friend said the motor was idling and it locked up while riding it but the piston exploded :lol: and now i am putting the bottom end in the frame so i was wanting to know about the power valve adjustment also i was wanting to know were i can get 1 used friction plate because only one in the basket was broke :p:lol: and i dont have money for a whole set right now i just want one so i can ride :cry: it till i get the money

You don't adjust the power valve on this bike. Just put it together and it works like its supposed to. Just make sure its all nice and clean when installing.

thanks:worthy: i will take it to my parts washer also do you know where i can get 1 used friction plate till i get the money to get the whole kit

If you open left side powervalva cover, looks like a disk with a bolt on it. after warming bike up, shut down, open cover, line in pin should point at the l above the cover. Start bike and rev, the line should move towards the h on the side of cover. If it does not, remove pv assembly and de carbonize.

Hey guys, not trying to show off or be a smartass or anything, because xylicon is right...but there is a service note on the exhaust valve when disassembly is involved. Just thought I'd pass it along.

(I have these images in printer size also...if you need copies of those, PM me and I can send them)






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