Moab info look here before you post and Colorado/ Utah license plate laws

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What would be the best current maps to get of the area for dirt biking? How is the local law today about bikes that are not really street legal if your not being a ding dong on it?

What would be the best current maps to get of the area for dirt biking?
The info referenced in the first post is still applicable. :lol:

Ok thanks. I noticed that they were 3 or 4 years old so I didn't know if much changed...

I've been to Moab before, but never riding. It seems 2 or 3 days in Moab riding will cover most of it? Are there an other places around Moab or to the north and east in the state that I should look into riding? Planning on coming middle of May.


We spent 3 days in Moab just this last April, and that barely scratched the surface! There is soooo much to do and see down there, a week wouldn't even cover half of the trails. We had bikes and ATVs on our trip, so it was interesting to see what the bikes could do compared to the ATVs and vice versa. Can't say that any one particular obsticle was more difficult for one than the other. Plus, we were there during the Jeep Safari, so that made it even more interesting to see what was capable of something with wheels and tires.

We're planning another trip down there for April '12, and some of the wives are showing interest in going. It will be interesting to see what the final head count will be, because that will dictate what trails we'll do as a group, versus the trails reserved for the manly crowd.

I forgot to mention that on our last trip, not a single machine was street legal, but we also weren't cruising down the main drag with them, either.

In Colorado you don't have to have an ohv sticker if your bike is plated. Is the same true for Utah?

That changed a cpl years ago.  If you're riding off road, plated or not, you have to have an OHV sticker.  I believe Utah is the same.

Confirmed. You need stickers regardless of plates for Utah.

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Confirmed. You need stickers regardless of plates for Utah.

I recently did a bunch of research on this and it is clear as mud.


We ride in an area right on the Utah line all the time. The trails there crisscross back and forth between CO and Utah. The land is BLM land.


This is the interesting part of the sticker requirement: As far as the BLM goes, any plated vehicle is good to go without a sticker. It is plainly stated right on their site.The Forest service limits plated vehicles without a sticker to FS ROADS - not trails. That means single and double track requires a sticker. However, if you read CO's own rules -- they say ANY offroad vehicle operated on "public land"  --plated or not -- should have a sticker. Not sure what Utah says. Only problem is -- the State rangers cannot enforce the law on Federal property.  


The states want the revenue -- they say for trail maintenance. However, they don't maintain FS and BLM property...the feds do. In CO, the sticker requirement has been on the books since 1991 -- but it is not generally enforced, because of the conflicts between state and federal rules. I've passed federal and state rangers here in CO many, many times. The only bikes they seem to scrutinize are those without plates. Go figure.


I don't mind contributing for trail maintenance -- I use 'em and I should support their maintenance. However, I pay the state already with my plate fees -- and I almost never used maintained roads. The states and the feds need to work something out and clarify all of this. 

Mr Gem,


OHV sitckers in CO are required on OHV trails but not USFS roads and BLM roads because OHV funds are not used for road maintenance.  It is true that USFS trail crews maintain the trails in my part of CO, but it is also true that OHV grant money pays for some of that maintenance and big projects.  I also know the CO OHV enforcement team is out on federal land.  There trailer and pickup are not marked, but I can't comment on their ATV/MC.  I was amazed at their contact stats for one weekend in Taylor Park.

I always get my OHV tags just to pay the extra search and rescue fee that is tagged on. I feel it is cheap insurance in case something really bad happened, you would not be faced with a huge restitution to the state.

I plan on visiting in April.  Where do you get OHV stickers?

For Utah OHV stickers, there are lots of places that sell them, you can do a search and find current locations on the Utah OHV site.  But a few specific loations: in Moab, at any Maverick Gas Station; in Green River at the State Park Golf Course; in Grand Junction at the Harley Davidson/KTM dealership off Horizon Drive.   For Colorado, the easiest way is to buy them on-line and they will mail them to you, otherwise you can buy them in person at the State Parks Office at Santa Fe and C470.

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We just got ours today and maverick gas station nice and easy $30 a bike

Both of those links at the top in the first sticky post take me to posts with no relevant info when I click them. Would someone please fix them?

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