Hi, I'm new here...Just bought an '07 450R

I bought a slightly used 450R over the weekend. It comes in addition to a 250R I have(trying to sell). The bike has a 52T on the rear. It's a wheelie monster! This is the first 4-stroke I have ridden of the new era of them. Wow what a difference.

Any tips or pointers you guys can give me about 4strokes? My purpose with it is simple trail riding.

Few pics.




My purpose with it is simple trail riding.

Get a heavy flywheel. Stock is 18oz. I run a 33oz, and that is the biggest that fits with no mods. You can run a 35oz, but will need to file the cover a bit. I use a TrailTech brand.

I bought an 07 450r myself for the same reason. The first thing I got was a trailtek kickstand. You'll need it.

Change the oil (both engine and tranny) frequently and keep up on the air filter. Thumpers can be maintenance pigs if you don't take care of them properly. I change the oil between an hour to two hours on the meter and the air filter every other ride depending on conditions.

Also if it is trail riding where you are going to open it up a lot a 52 might be a bit high for the sproket. I swap between a 48, 49, and a 50 depending on what I am doing.

Thanks! I am going to change all the fluids when it warms up a bit. If 52T is high, what is stock? I went up 1 on my CR rear. I like the instant power and acceleration for hill climbs and such. Reason I am thinking this 52T is going to work well. Thoughts?

Also, anyone have a .pdf of the service manual?

I believe stock is 13/48

sent you a PM.

I believe stock is 13/48

Whoa!! No wonder it responds the way it does. I need to get a 50T. 52 is far too tall. Thanks!

Thanks for the PM.

Yup...48T is stock for an '07

SKU: 41202-KZ3-J40

SPROCKET, FINAL DRIVEN (48T) (Honda Code 6830053)

SKU: 23802-MEN-730

SPROCKET, DRIVE (13T) (Honda Code 7820301)

I love my 07. I run 14/50, but do mostly track and desert. Respect it. 50 hp can put you on your butt quick. You'll love the bike.

Check your rear sprocket bolts before every ride.

Check the engine oil sight glass before you start it.

Grease your linkage and steering stem bearings. I'll bet they're dry.

Change the suspension fluids. Probably hasn't ever been changed since new.

I change the oil every 5 hrs and oil filter every 10, and put in a fresh air filter before every ride. 800 CCs in the tranny. Don't use syn in the tranny. Use Rotella, Honda, Maxima. Whatever floats your boat. I personally run Honda, but will probably switch to Rotella when my current stock runs out.

Run high octane pump gas.

Ride, ride, ride.

Thanks, Kramer. Dealer told me low octane. I'll give the steering stem a once over as soon as it heats up. Any of you ever run water wetter or engine ice?

I run 48T for fast tracks and most of the time a 13-49T. I think if you go up to a 14 it will put you back in line with a ration close to 13/49-50.... front sprocket is a cheap fix.

Thanks, Kramer. Dealer told me low octane. I'll give the steering stem a once over as soon as it heats up. Any of you ever run water wetter or engine ice?

you don't need to run race fuel but I wouldn't run low octane. I run 92 pump gas. I haven't tried engine ice or water wetter I use Honda coolant.

I have no issues with the gas. I'll do 93 or whatever 90+ is where I am getting gas. I am Ebay sniping several 50T sprockets right now, so i'll go back to a 50 in a few days and sell the 52. About to head to local shop now and get stickers to dress it up like the 250...:p

Oh, what does a heavier flywheel offer?

13/50 works best for me trail riding and still quick acceleration

A heavier flywheel lessens stalling, smooths the power out, and turns that beast into a tractor.

i use engine ice in my kx250f and love it.

13/50 works best for me trail riding and still quick acceleration

That is where I am headed. 52 rear coming off.

had 14 on front and had stalling issues with it on the really tuff parts switched it to a 13 and made it a whole lot better without making it uncontrollable

Thats a nice looking bike, all that I would add, to what the other posters have said, is REKLUSE.

I have one on my 06 450R, and 04 CRF250R. Now before you go thinking that a auto clutch is for beginers, let me just say that I'm 47 years old, been riding since I could wipe my own butt. Spent more than a few years racing Hare Scrambles (AMA District 14), so I know how to use the lever on the left side of the bars. But a REKLUSE just takes it to another level.

Imagine never stalling the motor, in the tigthest, knarliest, most technical spots. Imagine blasting into a turn, slamming on the brakes, then just roll on, the throttle, that thumper just starts ripping.

Ok now I've got myself all worked up. But you get the picture. Next time your on eBay, look up Rekluse. You won't regret it.

i think that is what i am going to buy from rocky mountain here shortly

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