'09 DR 650, Who has one?

How many of you TT guys have one of these big Thumpers :p and do you like it? What type of riding do you do with it? :lol: Lastly, how does it compare to ye 'ol KLR 650?

Thanks for any input.

The 09 DR650 is pretty much exactly the same (barring "bold new graphics") as the 96 and up models. I have an 07 DR650 and I love it! I ride mine strictly on the street as a commuter and fun bike. I had a 19x2.5 rim laced to the front hub so I had more street tire options for it and I couldn't be happier. I tried the bike (stock) in the trails by where I live, but they are just too tight for the big bike, all tight single track. For fire roads, gravel, wide double track, etc. the DR is fine. Tires and suspension upgrades make a huge difference though. A jet kit for the carb also makes for a nice power increase, even with the stock exhaust.

Never rode a KLR, but from the many comparisons I've read, the DR is a better true dual sport whereas the KLR leans more towards street riding.

Nice! Exactly the type of reply I was hoping for. :lol:

Thank you. :p

Mostly to be a commuter but will jump in the dirt as well. More power than the DRZ 400.


The DR650 and DRZ400 are actually about the same as far as horsepower is concerned. Torque is what it's all about with the DR though. It can cruise the slabs at much more reasonable and less buzzy rpms than the 400. It will also pull taller gearing with more ease. A pumper carb like the FCR39MX or Mikuni TM40 makes a HUGE difference as well. Really unleashes the low end torque the bike is capable of making. The stock BST carb will tend to buck when trying to pull low rpms.

I now own 09 DR650. I have also owned an 08 and 02 KLR650. Stock for stock the KLR has substantially more gas capacity and has much better wind/weather resistance. I added a 4.9 gal IMS tank to DR which solves gasoline capacity issue. For DR riders who spend more time on highway there are several good options for better wind shield. This DR is better for me in all other aspects. Motor is smoother and more reliable. The DR is way better off road due lighter weight and smaller overall size. Power is close to a push.

Just got a white 09 650 here, I really do love it so far. As stated before there has been no changes other than graphics. Rode a KLR last yr and thought it was huge, especially when following a XR650 over a mtn on a fire rd!. I will be looking for a wind break of some kind, and maybe a pipe in the future, but they certinly havent changed it because it dosnt work!!

I don't has one but I rode one at the dealer yesterday. WOW!

Have owned a XR650L XR650R DRZ400 DR500. Have ridden a KLR650 and now the Vee-Strom too (DL650). This DR650 was such an unknown to me. :cry:

Comparing it to these other bikes was surprising. This motor is showroom stock form is full of torque. More than I expected. It actually felt like it had more torque than the XRR I had but that was three years ago now. :p

Can't wait to buy mine. :lol:

I don't have one (DR650) but I rode one at the dealer yesterday....... It actually felt like it had more torque than the XRR I had but that was three years ago now.

The DR650 is a nice mellow bike after proper setup (i.e. jetting & air box). Pure stock as comes from dealer it is a turd. But to try and compare the DR to an uncorked XRR is apples to oranges. The XRR flat ass hauls the bacon throughout power band. I put over 10,000 miles on my XRR and loved it but had to switch to something w/ E start due injuries catching up to me.

I just picked up an 09 DR a few weeks ago and have been loving it so far...only about 750KM on the odo so far. For muddy conditions, I'll definitely be looking into some new rubber...The front likes to wander in the loose stuff. They're great on the pavement, though!

Performance mods? Who knows...time will tell....so far so good!

How many of you TT guys have one of these big Thumpers :lol: and do you like it? What type of riding do you do with it? :cry: Lastly, how does it compare to ye 'ol KLR 650?

Thanks for any input.

I think you'll get mostly positive responses about the DR650 here. And rightly so. I think it's an awesome machine, simple yet high build quality. Tons of farkles available. I farkled mine toward road duty with fatter rubber, flatslide carb, springs and cartridge emulater and etc. It's a total hoot.


I have an '04 and really like it. It is, however, set up more for street riding. But then again, all dual sports are set up more for street riding. For being a dual sport, it does really well (probably one of the better dual sports for dirt). You are adding around 70 extra lbs when comparing to the DR-Z400 though. Power is adequate, it will peel out on any surface and it will get up to 80 pretty quick. Tops out around 100 (pegging the throttle on a level surface) and will cruize very comfortably at anything under 80 (stock sprockets).

I recently purchased a 2009 DR650, all black version. Very nice bike. I've recently upgraded front and back springs, added Pro-Taper bar, Acerbis Hand Guards, Heated grips, Autocom unit, TT Skid plate, Dual-star mirrors. I also put on some Pirelli MT21 tires front and back. Taking it to Hatfield McCoy in a couple weeks :bonk:

i have owned a klr650, in the dirt, the klr650 cannot touch the DR650. Iam doing stuff on my DR that would have left me shaking on the KLR. you can have fun on the KLR in the dirt, but it is heavy and a handfull.

I went one tooth down on both KLR & DR and both topped out the same,

around 115mph indicated. both are / were modified.

the range on a DR is around 100 miles stock tank.

the only reason i would put a larger tank on the DR is if i were riding desert,

because with the stock tank range at ~100 miles, you will need a break from

the DR by then. Going 200 miles in one day on it is OK.

personaly i think folks who are considering touring on any 650 single are insane, i just think the vibration would be too much. but there are masochist

out there so......

i did 400 miles in one day on my SV1000S and when i finally got off

i didnt want to ride for a week !!!!

I just picked up a DR650, and rolled over my first 100 miles, really impressed with the bike, except the seat sucks, My Kawasaki Vulcan was the same way though. So I will be looking at the Corbin Seat and might as well put an IMS tank while I'm at it when I perform 600 checkup. The ride height is a little bit lower than the other comparable bikes which I like because I'm 5'10" and 220lbs. The engine is smooth and has plenty of power on road (well at least for the break-in speeds). I think it will be more of a chore on the dirt, but that is ok. If anyone knows a good welder in Phoenix that is willing to tack on a Scotts Steering Damper, sure would like a name (probably will not install until next year)

I also was considering the KTM 535 since it seemed better setup to handle the dirt, but when the KTM Dealer I was talking to trying to convice me to pick up the KTM, "Oh those Suzuki's they haven't updated in years, with the EXE you are getting the most advanced technology." I know it was a sales pitch, but it got me thinking that if they haven't updated it years, Suzuki must have a pretty good product. Simple yet reliable, is what I kept on hearing on DR650 (as well as the honda XR650Rs which is a great bike as well, better setup for dirt IMHO) so in summary it was a KTM dealer that conviced me to buy the DR650 HA!

I like how my 09 is all black as well.

09 Black. I have 1500 miles or so on mine. Commuter over the continental divide from 4400 ft to 6500 then back down to 5500. No issues with the stock carburetor at these elevations but I have never had it over 95 on the speedometer. [probably closer to 87 mph]. 65-75% road use 35-25% dirt roads and trails. I road a KLR and found it to be top heavy adn not what I was after. For some reason there are a lot of 1-3 yr old KLR 650's for sale and very few DR's. Ride them and it's pretty easy to figure out why.

Got mine 4 weeks ago, 2009 white one. Hit 900 miles on it this past week. Like it a lot so far. It will need some tweaks to make it perfect but give me a few more weeks. Never owned a KLR but did test ride one and did not like it at all. To heavy, balance seemed poor with to much weight up high, did not at all feel like a good dual sport to me. The DR on the other hand feels just about perfect, right height, good balance, feels much lighter than the KLR. I lowered the foot pegs and changed out the handle bars to fit my 6'2" frame better and I am finding that the stock seat is really not as bad as everyone says. I think this bike is going to be with me for many years.

Bought an 09 black in April and have put on 5600KM(3100miles+/-). Happy trail Teton panniers, OEM rack, Utah skid plate, just got the IMS 4.9 tank today and ordered the Sargant seat. Planning some long distance trips hence the farkles. Buddy has a 08 Bush Buick(KLR) and his bike is definitely more street oriented. I tried it briefly off road and did not feel comfortable doing so. I'm always waiting for him once we get off the pavement. Can't wait to get the new seat though, I tried sheepskin, an inflatable cussion but I think the stock seat is just too narrow for long distances. Hopfully the new seat will be worth the money. For me once set up the DR is the better bike. Simple, dependable, economical, readly available parts, lots of options and Suzuki is making the same bike again for 2010. If it ain't broke...

Mine is a '07 and i love it. I did have an '03 back in ... well ... '03. (I liked it so much a bought another one!). A couple of things need re-doing; the seat, the carburetor and the exhaust. After that it's just about perfect (my $0.02).

Buddy has a 08 Bush Buick(KLR) and his bike is definitely more street oriented. I tried it briefly off road and did not feel comfortable doing so. I'm always waiting for him once we get off the pavement.

What kind of dirt are you riding with the DR? I am interested in one but I ride alot of dirt and want to make sure it is not too big for it. I am 6'3", 220 lbs and just sold my 1979 Suzuki 250 2 stroke, ride logging roads, two tracks, one tracks, weaving between the pine trees in the flats, gravel pits, ect.

The reason I am thinking of the 650 is I do some highway driving and my little 250 is not cut out for it. Plus my bro is getting a street bike so I need something that I can cruise with him on, so I will be doing more highway driving then I have in the past.

Thanks for the help.

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