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Budget tool-bag

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I was thinking that I would like to take a bit of my useable play money and instead of put it towards some mods for my wrr right now to get some tools.

That way im covered on the trail and can change tires myself, etc.

I usually ride fairly close to home, at least right now I have been... But I still can't afford to have my bike throw me a flat or for some reason be un-ridable back in the woods.

So I want to fit everything in my backpack and have as little as possible right now. Worst case scenario is i walk out or get a ride out with a friend and get the tool at home then fix on the trail. But right now I have squat.

Can you guys make some suggestions about maybe $100 worth of essentials?

I was thinking right now

  • Tire irons with the 27mm end and the 22mm ends.

  • A patch kit and tube[/List]

  • Slime air compressor[/List]

  • A chain tool [/List]

What do you guys think? Mostly worried about flats and chain. What do I do if I would break my chain? I'm only farmilar with bicycle chains and use a masterlink that I can snap and un-snap. I dont see how to fix a motorcycle chain. Is breaking a chain something to even worry about?

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For inflating a tire I have a small little tool that uses CO2 canisters that you buy for a BB gun. I like it because the tool itself is no bigger then a single

CO2 canister.

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I have just about every tool I use to service my bike in my tool kit and I don't think that I have $100 in it. They all came from Harbor Freight and Wal Mart. They go in a toiletry bag that cost $10 instead of a $50 MX specific bag. Not sure if my 8 inch crescent wrench will open to 27mm, but it does my 24mm axle nut just fine.

The best way to figure out what tools you need is to use it for all your bike maintenance. When you need something that's not in your kit you can consider adding it.

  • 8,10,12,14,17 sockets and a 3/8ths ratchet
  • 8,10,12,14,17 combo wrenches
  • needle nose and regular type pliers
  • screwdriver that uses the 1/4 in tips
  • small vice grip type pliers
  • 5 and 6mm allen wrenches
  • 1 motion pro tire iron
  • 8 inch crescent wrench for axle nuts and to act as a helper tire iron. I don't use it to lever
  • small bicycle type air pump
  • A front tube
  • 5 min Epoxy putty
  • A few nuts and bolts
  • zip ties
  • A few other miscellaneous tools and some other stuff I'm forgetting

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Check out rockymountainatv.com they have premade bags specific for your bike that have just about everything you should need. Comes with a fanny pack and is only $89. Go to rider accessories, then under fanny packs. Just ordered mine.

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