drain suspension

Hello I'm servicing my front forks on a 97 kx 250. I'm following the clymer manual. I pumped the piston up and down to get the oil out but it still seems like there is some in there. Should I let them hang up side down over night to let them drain out completely. I can't get the compresion valve out of the bottom of the fork because the 14mm hex (nut?) completely stripped. My one distance collar was plugged with crap. So I know that they need to be completely taken apart and cleaned but its impossible to get that one apart. Is there any thing I could flush them with to get all that crud out. And not wreck all the rubber in there.

Just flush them with the new fork fluid if they are not too dirty. It will help get more of the crud out.

I use mineral spirits in my parts washer and know that it does not hurt seals, o-rings and bushings. This would work well if you forks are real dirty inside and need a complete flush. Then let them dry over night to let the mineral spirits evaporate.

+1^, i think i used 2x as much fluid as necessary for a regular change last time counting the flushing. just add new fluid in small amounts and flush through then empty it out and repeat until it's cycling through nice and clean.

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