New England/East coast pigfest 2009, any interest?

After reading the threads about the Pigfest out West, I am starting to feel jealous! Is there enough demand to do a get together ride/camp/party sort of deal somewhere in the Northeast? After speaking with akarob about this he suggested a state forest near him that has riding and camping. So, I put forward the question, can we make this happen?

Location and date suggestions? Throw some ideas out there and see what happens. (I might also suggest throwing this in the "Northeast" forum)

Nah, lets keep it mostly to Honda's.

At first, I was thinking Pachaug . I know they have some camping but I don't think it's the kind of camp and ride experience that people will be looking for.

Here's what I envision the event to be.. A decent size area where people could set up camp with either tents or campers. During the day, the group could split between two rides - one an easy enduro/slab ride through the countryside and the other group would be more off-road and trail focused.

Anyone know of any spots in NY or MA that might fit the bill or willing to let everyone camp out on their field?? The biggest obstacle is probably finding a campsite. There is an event forming for May 8, 9 and 10 in NW Connecticut we could piggy back onto, but I'd like to get a PIG fest for sure. Most of the "ADV Rider" guys will be on larger "dualsports" and do more of a road ride.

Keep this thread going, and we can make it sticky after dates are set.

All the pig riders should just show up at the Berkshire Trail Riders 2-state DS ride. 120+ miles of road/dirt road/some trails and it pass thru or near western mass state forest. A bunch of camping in the area also. Pretty good ride, I did it 2 years ago on my xrl. This year is May 17th.

I went to their website and didn't see any info on that DS ride. Got a link?

You'll have to wait until I plate my 600:smirk:

I'm up for a little change of scenery/different state to ride in

I'm interested, as soon as I get my XRL going again after a couple of years of slumber. Planning to do most of the work this weekend if it's nice out (varnished carb, oil change, etc.). I don't mind fitting some real knobbies if there is decent off-roading but at the moment most of my favorite trails have houses on them now and I'm using the stocker crap tires.

There are quite a few Northeast DS rides setup this season for us pig riders to meet up at.

The Northeast Regional thread on has a list.

Berkshire Mass/NY ride is mid May.

Hancock NY Dual Sport is September

Shenandoah WV Dual Sport is Sept as well (I think)

All three of these are supposed to be phenomenal rides. Pine Barrens 300 is also a fun ride, though it's all sand.

I'm planning on attending all 3:)


I went to their website and didn't see any info on that DS ride. Got a link?

Click here for a link to BTR DS Ride Info

Last year I took a few hour rip thru October Mtn. on my XRL. There is a lot to ride both road and trail. Some trails were gnarly hence the nickname Rocktober Mtn. Between trails and getting lost & having to find my way back to the parking lot on the roads, I had to put at least 70+ miles. For the hardcore pig guys that could be a good option.

Yes, I am interested! If Pil Petscek is going I may take him up on his offer to stay at his spare house in New Hampshire, Hampton I think. Before or after Black Fly season? Is this posted on the Yahoo Pigfest site? Eric that made the XR650R pigpen sight (that all XR650R users have used) lives in Maine. I will have to bring my wife.....

Edit....I just read this is a duel sport ride...Maybe if it was a 80+ dirt ride.

It would be nice to have some enduro type trails & places to climb & decend.

Yea, agreed but we need a place for 20 or so people to camp out first, then we can work on the ride details.

Research Rat, could you post up a link to this ride. I can not seem to find anything on it.

Shenandoah WV Dual Sport is Sept as well (I think)

Anyone have any info on this one.

Shenandoah WV Dual Sport

Why not look into the Hatfield/McCoy trail system. It might be pretty far you New england guys tho. My brother has been there and said they hav pretty much every type of terrain you would want

It would be nice to have some enduro type trails & places to climb & decend.

Hancock DS!!!!

Nothing on the expert sections that's tough for a pure dirtbike (not that some spodes on KTMs don't gum things up a bit anyway, missed a tasty hill due to that), but it's a little more work on an XR650L.


Burningrock or Hatfield/McCoy would be a great place

Have tent - have truck - will travel

Have tent - have truck - will travel

Amen to that:thumbsup:

I'm willing to go anywhere

Guess we will have to have a vote on where to go!

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