How to estimate hours on a 05 R.

I would like to hear from you guys w/ hour meters and compare wear on parts to get a est. on the amount of hrs. on my bike. My bike is well maintained and mx ridding. Here are the items I would like to campare. I replaced the footpegs the out side cleats were wore down to the base. I'm installing the third set of Intake valves (the ones I used where OEM). Also replacing the piston (this will be the third) and org. crank. It still was org. clutch basket and kick starter but they need to be replaced. The fork bushings and seals, swingarm bearings, chain and sprockets have been replaced once. You guys that ride alot (almost every weekend on mx tracks) how many hrs a year do put on them. I know it seems that I'm doing alot of work to a old bike:bonk: but even if I spend 2k on it alittle at a time it is better than trying to find a newer bike the will problely will need something.

my friends 05 has 71 hours on it and hasn't had to replace any internals and it is track ridden with ocassional trip to the dunes. I have about 110 on my 06 and haven't replaced any internals, just had to shim the valves for the first time at 108 hours.

both are still running stock pegs, piston, and crank

both bikes had the suspension done by mx-tech this winter (I believe it was the first new fork seals for both bikes).

I believe both are on the second set of sprokets.

stock clutch on the 05

06 clutch was replaced with an OEM clutch kit, still using original basket.

I am hoping the 06 gets through the season and then I will rebuild it. If I am as busy as I was last year I will probably only put 40-50 hours on it.

Ther is NO way to determine with out an hour meter. I had an 04 crf250 that has been rode hard and fast with about 350 or more hours but when I sold it it looked almost new. Thats the way I take care of my bikes.Just replace whats worn and hope for the best.

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