suspension fitments

My 04 125's shock blew out, and i'm looking to just buy another one for cheap rather than send it out to FC and spend $600+ to get it revalved and rebuilt. I was wondering what size shocks would fit on my bike, i've heard the yz 250f and yz250s fit but i wanna be sure. Thanks.

2002-2007 maybe all the way up to 09. if you want it stiffer for a heavier rider get a yz250 or even a yz450f

Before you buy a used shock, give Dave a call, I'm sure he can rebuild your shock for less then 600$ and you'll have a shock close to new with great customer support for tuning.

Buying a used shock could send you back to square one in no time (blown shock).

So i just went on ebay and found a shock being sold (supposedly) by Josh Hill's father. He said it was off his 05 yz250f, and they get a bunch of shocks every year, he said this one was sitting on the shelve for a while. My main question is simply whether its blown or not. It's a pretty good deal at $140 shipped, but i don't want to spend that if i don't have to. From what he said it sounds like the shock was not used much, but i wanna see what you guys think.

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