difference in pro circuit pipes?

Can anyone tell me the difference between the pro circuit platinum and the pro circuit works pipe as far as affecting the power curve? I have two identical 96 250's, one has a platinum(this bike has a ton of low end) the other has a works pipe with power reeds and is all mid-upper hit. Both bikes are geared the same, where the platinum signs off, the works pipe bike keeps pulling, hard.

Just not sure what each pipe was desighned for as far as power curve.

It does nothing for the powerband cause one is plated and one is non plated only difference between the two pipes.

Sounds more like one isn't stock to me in porting or head mods how do you know thier identical have you actually compared part # to part # on each bike are you even the orginal owner? maybe someone at one point put a different model year cylinder on the bike?

DSCF0092.jpgNo, not the original owner, but I have stipped both bikes down to the frame and put back together again. Both have N stamped cylinders(96), same carbs.

Food for thought: the screamer has brand new power reeds, a stock silencer that is fresh packed. The lowender has a sparky arrestor type silencer that weighs twice as much as the stocker, I can't remember if I looked to see if the lowender had a fww on it.

The weirdest thing is that the screamer was completely stock when I got it, I switched pipe and reeds, stuck stock silencer back on instead of the nature freinDSCF0092.jpgdly arrestor,. plug looks jetted right.

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