2-stroke at Kerry Canyon

I'm looking to give Kerry Canyon trail at Colson Canyon a shot this weekend for my first time. I was wondering if anyone has recently ridden the trail on a 2-stroke (preferably) and if not just any tips about the trail in general.

That trail is death :p

That trail is death :p

so where is said trail? sounds fun!


That trail is death :p

OK, I have to try this one. Who wants to go?

That's literally what I've been hearing about the trail. There's even one thread here on Thumpertalk that has a rider saying it took him 7-8 hours to complete a 6 mile stretch; I can't fathom how that's possible.

I'm definitely not an expert rider but I'm going to give it a shot this weekend anyway, I'll definitely let everyone know how it goes. Just spoke to the ranger station today and all the trails are open and good to go, weather should be in the low 80's. Going to start out early as I don't know where the trailhead is, though once we get to Colson Canyon I can't see it taking very long to find.

And if you were asking where Colson Canyon in general is, it's located about 20 min. east of Santa Maria in So Cal

It is not that bad. There are a couple of spots that you need to pay attention. If you are an intermediate rider or better you will do fine. A 250 2 stroke is a great bike for this trail. Nice and Light. A skid plate will help also.

Okay well here goes my experience with Kerry Canyon trail....

It took us a while to find Colson Canyon in the first place; the directions I got via the TT mapquest were wrong, and after about an hour of trying to find a forest route we ended up having to ask a local in town. We were on our bikes (I ride a 99' CR250 and the other rider an 03' CR250) by 12:30pm and were directed directly to the trailhead by the only other people we saw in the entire OHV area, a guy and his chick doing some 4x4'ing. As soon as you pass the trailhead sign the trail thins to about 12 inches wide and it doesn't really get much bigger the entire trail unless its a creek crossing or a rock field. You can ride for about 30 seconds before you downshift to 1st gear and you won't leave it for the rest of 6 the miles.

If you can complete the first mile of the trail you should be able to complete the whole thing; besides a couple extreme parts dotted throughout the trail it's about the same difficulty the whole way. My first mistake was not eating breakfast that morning. Besides coffee and a bag of chips we opened up while we were lost, I didn't eat anything that day. My second mistake was thinking my out of shape ass had enough stamina to finish. I guess it did in the end since I completed it, but it was really damn close. It took us about 4.5 hours to finish the 6 - 7 mile stretch, but about an hour of that was me catching my breath and my thankfully patient friend waiting; I think it could definitely be done in 3 - 3.5 hours, and even less if you took the trail down. We took the trail up. I also think it would be much easier with the creeks dried up (if they even do, they could be year around). We ran in to pools that were at least 3/4 of your front tire, and you cross the creek what seems like 50 times. Normally I would enjoy it but there's always a dirt/shale/rock climb out of the creek, usually with a hard turn at the bottom that makes it tough to get momentum.

I've been riding for about a year now around Gorman and Ballinger but those diamond trails don't even compare. Kerry is ****en relentless; there aren't periods of more than 30 sec before there's another obstacle you probably haven't seen anywhere else. I definitely didn't have enough experience with feathering my clutch, definitely needed in Kerry. My biggest recommendations for the trail are bring a alot of H20, something to snack on, start early, and if you're riding a 2-stroke on a stock tank, know your way back. We came out 6 miles from the trailhead and about 10 miles from my truck; we found it with about 5 miles left in our tanks at 6:00pm, 5.5 hours after we started.

A buddy and I rode from Santa Maria to Cuyama yesterday via sierra madre. On the way back we took Kerry down to Lazy. I was on a 72 sl350 and he was on a 73 xl250, both bone stock and street legal. Took us quite a while to get down with lots of breaks. I had never heard of this trail before but highly recommend it to any adventurous riders!


Hey SBMX, I just realized we probably rode past you on our way out!


Yeah we must have just missed you. Haha I definitely would have welcomed another rider on the trail, if for nothing else to ask how much longer the trail was!


Yeah, you guys definately took the harder route going up from Lazy. we dropped in and it was quickly the "point of no return" for us, we had to keep going down!


It is much easier from the top of the hill to the bottom vs the other way. Lots of ROCKS.

Wow! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Any comments comparing it to Snowy in LPNF/Gorman? How is the exposure on it?

Hm, snowy is that trail right out of Kings Campground isn't it? I would say this trail is more on par with the Miller Jeep Trail if you've tried that on a moto.

The trail itself dips back and forth across the creek bed and never gets very high out of the canyon. There are definitely multiple points where you would not want to fall due to the drop but it isn't a ridgeline or anything. There are plenty of trees and vegetation; you'll be pretty well shaded the whole trail.

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