Bar Position For Shorter Riders

Have any of you shorter riders tried the position 1 (closest to the rider) using the stock triple clamps. I have a 250 XC-F and the stock position (#2) is pretty comfortable but I wonder if the closer position would be better. I'm 5'6" tall. I wanted to get some feedback before trying it because I would need a different mount for my Scotts stabilizer in order to change the position.

I actually just switched my bars to that position at the same time that I lowered the fork in the triple clamps 3/4". I have to say that it was immediately more comfortable for me. I am 5'8" and didnt think that it would make that big of a difference but it did. The steering is a bit more sensitive but I got used to it quick and it is much more maneuverable for me. my two cents.

BTW... 2006 KTM 450EXC... mostly woods riding and lots of street too

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