03 wr450

I have a 03 wr450 and it has a gytr front brake lever on it. My ? is if I am pushing the bike and pull the lever the tire will lock up but if I'm on the bike and riding and go to stop no matter how hard I pull the lever the front tire will not lock up, is there any way of adjusting it to get more pressure. Thanks:thumbsup:

is the handle contacting the bar?

if the answer is no.. i would change the front pads... glazed prehaps and not biting into the rotor.

otherwise if the lever is hitting the bar. then i would say bleed the brakes. see if there is air in the line.

cheers and good luck!


Thanks I will check to see if they are glazed

Do you get low resistance on the lever? If you pump the lever does the resistance increase? If so, you need to bleed the system.

you pushing the bike and you on a bike that is moving at a considerable rate have a huge difference in inertia. While most breaks WILL lock up if squeezed hard enough, perhaps you have a blessing as a locked front tire is an uncontrollable front tire........just a thought

Samhard, I hear you on that one but my friends 05 wr450 will lock up with him on it and I was just wondering why mine won't. No big deal it still works.

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