GP Valley trail ride / log out this Sunday

Another volunteer and myself are planning to ride and log out the Valley Trail 270, Cowlitz Valley Ranger District, Gifford Pinchot NF, on this Sunday, April 12th. We will leave the Blue lake trailhead parking lot at 10:00. I can bring one day parking passes if you let me know you need one. No chain saw or other gear needed. We will have two saws, we just need strong backs to roll the logs off the trail. I don't know how far we will get. There could be a lot of fallen trees or none. The forecast is for sunshine. Let me know if you are interested. :p

I cant come out on Sunday, but on Monday i will be out there with saw clearing any downed trees from the trail. I have a feeling there is going to be alot of work to be done in the GP from the winter storms.

Did you mean April 19th?

Sorry, April 19th. I will try to post a trail report Sunday evening.

It's supposed to be in the 70's and sunshine, everyone should try to make it out there. If folks want to carpool, I have three empty seats, and plenty of room for bikes and gear. We can meet out by I-5 on HWY 12 and save you about 150 miles of driving.

Is the snow gone on 270? Seems like it might still have some.

Is the snow gone on 270? Seems like it might still have some.

yah, i got some blokes from the couve' that may come up but a long ways to go to find a snow field, anyone near there that can give a snow report?

The report from the Ranger Station is there is snow above the Blue Lake parking lot. So we will be going down the trail. That is about 5 miles of trail. Then we can go down to the Krause Ridge trail, about 3 miles long. That will be about it. In the past on this lower section of trail, we have run into major tree falls that have uprooted the trail. It has taken all day to fix 20' of trail. One year, one of these uprootings took two trips to fix. What we might encounter is a total unknown.

put me down for a parking pass, 3 or 4 guys total in our rig, thanks


I went through there about a month ago heading up to orr creek, and there was not much snow on the ground until I hit the 56 road at adams fork. Almost nothing in the timber and just a little in the ditch. It snowed a little since then, but I think the trail will be clear by now.

I'll be there.

Sounds good. See you all about 9:45-10:00 at the Blue lake trailhead parking.

i am in,

two more dudes to put down for hours, this thread is on page two already, how sad. see you there:p

We had a great ride and cleared some trail. The Valley trail is open up to just past Adams fork campground. The other trails that go up are all blocked with snow. Thanks to rolliew, 56nw, Knievil and others for showing up and helping.

Nice, thanks a lot for your efforts. :p

Nice, thanks a lot for your efforts. :p

Ditto :lol::cry::lol: :lol: :lol:

:p:lol: thanks for starting to clear.

be sure to post the next work party as this one didn't fit my schedule but I want to help.:cry:

tom, did you make it down to Krause Ridge

:p thanks

We did. Cleared a few trees. The trail is really nice. With the leaves covering the trail, it is like just riding through an open forest.

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