New owner/introduction/questions

Hi guys, I just picked up an '04 CLEAN wr450, and I love the bike. few questions....

1. does the '04 have the throttle stop that i've been reading about, can anyone email me a diy article on how to remove this?

2. any airbox modifications out there?

3. the rear fender is from baja designs i believe. the license plate holder sheared off, and there are two wires running off the fender that looked like they plugged into a plate light. any nice aftermarket plate holders w/ a light out there?

4. any other things I should know as a newbie?

This is a great site but as you will tell later almost anything you want to know about your bike is on here just read through all of the free mods and FAQ's and that will get you a huge start. FAQ's have nice pictures and nice write ups on how to do these things. Good luck and have fun on your new bike!!:p

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