Southeast trail riding vacation

I am looking for input on places to trail ride in LA,MS,AL,GA,SC, and FL. I have found a bunch of places on the internet but was looking for first hand advice. Also intersted in the type of trails and riding conditions (like flat, hilly, muddy, sandy, etc.) We are leaving next Friday for a one week dirtbiking trip. Any input would be appreciated.



Try the Kentuck Forest ATV trail east of Birmingham, Alabama.

Kentuck ORV is closed till March 1st for repairs and maintenance. Has anyone ridden Bankhead?

I've ridden Bankhead several times, not technically challenging, but fun burms. Total trails are about 16 mi. Well maintained, great scenery. It is tempting to go too fast on the easy trail, but keep in mind folks ride both directions. I have some other spots north of Birmingham, AL that I ride. Let me know if you are interested, they are way off the beaten path.

War Eagle :) Auburn 1986

War Eagle :) Auburn BSCHE 1980

Jet, where do you ride in the Panhandle? We ride Desoto in Miss. Are doing 22 mile tight woods ride Tues at Millers.

I ride at Millers ocasinaly. I heared it was closed then I hear it is open, but you have to park somewhere different? :) We basicallly drive alot to ride here. :D

Thanks for the input everyone! I'm gonna call Bankhead and Kentuk and find out the status. Have you guys had a lot of rain down there? Do I need to bring a snorkel?

For more info on Kentuck, check out

Both Kentuck and Bankhead are run by the Forest Service.

We have had lots of rain, and it appears we'll have more before the week's out.

Any info on cool places to ride within a couple hours of Auburn would be greatly appreciated. We ride in the Coosa Wildlife Mngt. area, north of Mntgy and south of Bham, if anybody wants to get together for a ride there.

Yikes! According to your link Kentuk is closed until April 1st.


Looks like I'll be heading to SC. Here is some info If you guys are interested.

SC trails

The Low Country ones are open year round. I may try and hit Durhamtown on the way back if the weather improves there. Sounds like they have flooding from the web site :)

There is a different way into Millers now. I don't ride there much as there are way too many ATV's. The ATV's open the trails so wide that the 4wd's start coming in. Its a mess. We usually do Desoto but it is underwater at present, and takes weeks to drain. We got a bike flooded there weeks ago and it was a real pain to get it out, and its been raining ever since.

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