450 exhaust on a 2000 426

Will a 450 Exhaust work on a 426.

Has anyone done this, if so tell me how it turned out.

it will work, the head pipe barely touches the water pump, and the mid pipe bolt doesnt line up, but you can install it, and it will work. my buddy said that he noticed a difference, but being that it wasnt my bike, i dont really know. it sure sounds a lot better.

So i could buy a two brother full exhaust and it will work.

Head pipe works (03-05). Exhaust does not work. (As in will not bolt on to subframe). It you buy the 450 subframe it will work. But then you need to do the whole 450 conversion to your bike.

The problem of bolting the pipe to the subframe is highly variable. Some come close enough to squeeze into place, some need the mounting hole slotted, some just don't fit. Exhausts with the mid pipe as a separate part from the muffler, and/or equipped with a sliding muffler mount will usually bolt on fairly easily.

since it would end up being a lot of time and money what is the best exhaust for my bike then

Well I have been looking to get my bike less loud. At one point I got to reivew and noise testing data sheet. How about these two WB E2 and the FMF Q2.

I want the FMF it seemed to have slightly quieter #. Acrtually the 450 are louder.

Here is some of the yz sheet with diff mufflers and the dcb is the # on the end. They have test for all makes. I will look for the web link, all I have is pdf's. (yz426, kx100 & xr100)

YZ426F 2000 MC FMF q series 93.9

YZ426F 2000 MC oem w/pro moto 94.8

YZ426F 2000 MC FMF q-series 93.0

YZ426F 2000 MC White Brothers e-series 96.0

YZ426F 2001 MC dmc alien 99.1

YZ426F 2001 MC White Brothers e-series 100.2

YZ426F 2001 MC FMF q-series 94.0

YZ426F 2001 MC Stock w/ pro moto billet 97.2

YZ426F 2002 MC Stock pro moto billet 99.0

YZ426F 2002 MC Stock pro moto billet 99.2

YZ426F 2002 MC other thunder alley 95.4

YZ426F 2002 MC Pro Circuit t-4 98.3

Let me know what you think

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