Oil change questions


I did my first oil change today on my 07 WR 450 and now I have a strange problem. I followed all the instructions in the service manual and added a quart of oil plus a little from the second quart to get near the 1.27 quarts required. Started her up and idled for about a minute to circulate the oil then shut her off. When I pulled the dipstick to check the level oil spurt out like a hot radiator. What did I do wrong?


There is a drain plug in front/below the shifter and one under the motor. You should also remove the dipstick when draining the oil. This allows the oil to drain much faster. If you did all of that, :p

What Kenshaw said... you probably did not get the oil out of the resevoir up front... even if you open the side drain, you need to remove the dipstick or the vacuum will not allow the oil to drain out...

It's happened to the best of us... you usually realize it when oil starts coming out of your airbox:banghead:

Well guys, I did remove the dipstick and the fill plug. I also pulled both drain plugs and tripped the bike to the side to help it drain everything out. Do you you guys loosen that gallery plug to check for oil pressure? I was going to do that when I got the oil level right but it seems kinda overkill. I've never not had oil pressure after an oil change on any engine.

I think the only cause of my problem is too much oil. I'll look at it again tomorrow.


Did you reamove the screen filter frome the Frame? If not then maybe you had all that oil that was left in the hard line that put over the top. I'm just guessing here as I just did mine also and didn't have any issues but then again I never did check the level on the dipstick when I was done. Crap now you got me thinking. I gotta go warm up the bike and check the level on the dipstick.

Yes, I did the filter too. Maybe I just put too much oil in it on the refill but when I check the level it was at the bottom of the hash marks.


If you look a little more closely at the manual, you will find that it takes 1.06 quarts following an oil change with a filter service. 1.27 is the total system amount required after a rebuild. Some oil will never drain in normal service. Because the internal placement of the oil reservoir in the 2nd Generation 450's is so crowded in, there is no room for any excess at all, and as soon as it's a tiny bit overfilled, it starts acting up.

As stated, pull the dip stick, drain the "tank" (front/left plug), drain the crankcase (rear/right plug), change the filter, then refill. Most oil bottles have a one liter mark in spite of the fact they only have a quart in them. Open a full bottle and fill it to the one liter line from another one, then dump that in. That's the exact amount you need.

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There's some good info there Gray. I think I had that air bubble in the reservoir too. I'll check it in the morning and see what I've got. They also talk about refilling with 1 liter but the book says 1.27 quarts. I'll check back, thanks guys.


If it's any help, the manual we get in Oz says a litre wtih an oil filter change and I haven't had a single issue after 50 hours of work (oil change every 5 hours). I reckon it's actually easlier to get the right level than it was on my old 426.

As long as you drain as already covered above and put exactly a litre in (with an oil filter change) you shouldn't have a drama.

I'm also interested to see who else checks for oil pressure in the top end??? I do it, but wonder if it is overkill. It's such a small bolt - every time I do it i'm s*&*% scared of stripping it!

They also talk about refilling with 1 liter but the book says 1.27 quarts.

Right from the manual:

Engine oil capacity:

Periodic oil change 0.95 L (0.84 Imp qt, 1.00 US qt)

With oil filter replacement 1.0 L (0.88 Imp qt, 1.06 US qt)

Total amount 1.2 L (1.06 Imp qt, 1.27 US qt)

"Total amount" is ONLY used on a full rebuild, never on an oil change.

I always drain my oils into a painters pail bucket that has measuring marks on the sides of it. It's good to know how much oil came out so you don't have this problem in the future. If a quart and a 1/3 is supposed to come out and you only get a little less than a quart you know you didn't get it all or your engine is burning oil. Both of which are good to know before your out on the track or trail! I'd drain it in a clean pail and see how much comes out. If it's to contaminated with the old oil replace it, if not use what you took out, use a Ratio Rite (as a measuring cup) and refil it correctly. You'll be golden.

OK, after much research I've determined that I put WAY too much oil in it. I ran it for three minutes and pulled the dipstick. When the last thread came out it blew the dipstick out of my fingers and copious amounts of oil burst forth. I also removed the oil level bolt and more oil drained out.

Just to be clear, I put a little more than a quart of oil in this thing and I think one liter is what's required. I think I have it right now.


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