anyone know if a yfz450 carb will fit a yz426f

looking to see if the yfz450 carb will fit on a 2001 yz426f

the part number is a little diff. and the yfz carb has

something called a carb switch (I think thats what they call it)

2 wire connector near the TPS

If you mean to say YFZ, as in the quad carb, you don't want it. It is emissions equipped, and will be a nuisance.

so where is the emissions equipped and will it fit?

is the emissions elec. or restriction in air flow, fuel delivery where ?

Jetting, air cut valve, capped pilot screw, needle with no grooves, etc.

You don't want it.

thank you SIR

the jetting is the same as on the yz426

165 main

45 pilot

needle on the fourth grove

sounds like even if the jetting was like you said a jet kit would fix 95% of it

it might not be th carb your thinking of the only diff.

is something called a carb. switch two wire deal

ive had both carbs apart as far as inside very close to the same

but again thanks.

With time, patience, creativity, and determination, a lot of things can be accomplished. Sounds like the bike could be made to run with that carb.

I realy give thanks for all the help

but I dont understand the jetting is the same as the factory carb

maybe im thinking its a diff. carb then it is

The year model of YFZ was never specified. It could be I looked at later ones only.

any luck on this one guys

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