Anyone Else Tried These?

Filter Skins? I've used them for two really dusty rides (It hasn't rained a drop in weeks, out at Durhamtown) I found that I can pull the tab behind the seat about halfway through the day and it really feels fresh again.

Last week I ran the whole day and it only took 2 minutes to clean, reoil and reinstall the skin for this weeks ride....Pretty Cool!




Bonzai :)

Yea, Ive been using them since I bought my bike. I wouldnt run without them.

They claim theres no airflow restriction and what can another protective layer against dirt and debris hurt??

I oil all 3 of them and change it every ride. After three rides clean them all over and start all over again. Its like having a new filter for each ride but not having to actually clean the filter each time.

Yeh - I use the filter skins - the boys call them tampons on account of their 'rip cords".

I have never used more than one but one of the trail operaters here uses 4 or 5 - one for each day of the trail.

My problem is remembering to remove them - did a real dusty enduro a couple of months ago - and meant to remove it half way - after about 2.55 hours at my las fuel stop I remembered and it was amazing how the bike improved. Need to train the pit crew better.

Here in Aus Ballard sell them for about $34.99AUS.

I have also seen a single stocking on the air filter with similar results - probably don't last as long.

Have used them on multi day rides when cleaning the filters is not easy to do. They work great. Have used them in Colorado and California on long dusty rides and the filter stayed clean. Will be using them on my Berg as well. These are one of those items that are worth every penny of the cost.

I use the filter skins when I go ride the dunes at St. Anthony, Idaho. They are really amazing at what they can keep out without restricting the airflow. I highly recommend them.

A couple of months ago at a race in Nevada My father and I talked to Ty Davis's mechanic (sorry, forgot his name) about Filterskins. He told us that they used to use them but didn't have much luck with them. He claimed that small particals of sand get in between the skin and filter and "grind" the granuals into really small granuals and pass through the filter that would normally be stopped by the filter. I have used them and they definatly stop dirt from getting to the filter but im not too sure if it's better.

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