YZ400 is a rear shock revalve possible?

I have a YZ400 98 model bush basher, it does what I need it to do in general but the rear shock leaked all its oil out and now has no dampening effect so it bounces around a lot over the bumpy terrain.

In the manual I have, it says these shocks are only able to be replaced, not serviced. Is this true does anyone know? Has anyone ever done the rear shock seals/valving themselves? I have a friend who has access to nitrogen tanks, so that part of it should be alright.

Yes, they are rebuildable and revalvable. I been into mine a couple of times. There may be one or two special items needed for the older shock, but other than the nitrogen, I needed no special tools.

You will need a seal head, though, and either a bushing for the piston, or a new piston, depending how it's laid out, and a good set of instructions are invaluable. Check with a local suspension shop.

Ok thanks, I've looked for the parts I will need diagram on the yamaha parts finder sites and can't find any replacement seals for sale. Does this mean I have to get them manufactured by a suspension shop? If I need a new piston I might just settle for no-dampening rear suspension, its uncomfortable over the bumpy stuff with the front end wobbling around like crazy but better than forking out more big $ on the thing, cost me enough already!

Yamaha does not sell the parts directly. Most suspension shops carry them, though. If you carry a shock into a shop here in the states, you can usually get a simple reseal for about $75-90, US.

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