yz-426, trail bike?

recently i bought a cr-125 and i love it, but it's not much of a trail bike it seems to me, it's a very powerful, comfortable bike and it works great on the sx track but through the tight trails it seems almost worthless. so i am looking to trade my 400ex for a yz-426, i found a good local deal but i don't know anything about these 426's. i see alot of people making hybrid 400ex's with a yz426 engine and saying it works great but i can't get any info on the dirtbike itself. are these bikes good for universal riding? is it very torquey or more of a mid-topend machine?

i've been looking for a yz-250f fourstroke but i've had no luck finding one of them, and i hadn't even thought about a 426 until i saw one on in the classifieds of a local auto-sale website.

Depends how fast you go and what your skills are. A YZ426F will want to go faster through trails and such then you may feel comfortable with. If you do really tight wooded stuff I personally feel a 250F is the way to go. Pump it up and you have a nimble light machine that will take you anywhere (in tight woods)

i'm trying to sell my 400ex to get a 250f and that's not going so well. what are some pro's and con's before i go test ride these bikes?

I have a 2000 426 that I use for trails and hills. It's the first dirt bike I have had since I had an old Honda xl 250, so I may not be the best judge. We love riding Stonyford in N. Cal because it has a lot of great single track. The 426 is awesome, but I will say that I like it a lot better after putting a 13 tooth front and 51 rear sprocket and a 14 ounce flywheel weight. Before I did that the first gear was a little too high for the tight stuff. As it is, it has the power to wheelie in 4th gear with a quick twist of the throttle.

are these bikes good for universal riding? is it very torquey or more of a mid-topend machine?

Yes, they're great for universal riding, as long as it's play riding and not racing. They can be raced, but you'll be disappointed when the other guys are not as worn out after a few laps because their newer bikes are so much lighter.

It's extremely torquey, and pulls extremely hard throughout the entire RPM range. It's an amazing engine that you'll fall in love with. If I'm lugging along in 4th gear and I snap the throttle, I can easily lift the front end.

I ride all sorts of terrain, and the 426 does a great job at everything. On tight trails I usually never leave 1st or 2nd gear, and never have to use the brake because there's so much engine braking. Then when I get to an open area and try to open it up, I get scared and back off well before the bike has reached top speed.

I have a 450, which is pretty similar. Do yourself a favor and buy the damn thing!

After you buy it, if you ride tight stuff, drop one tooth on the front sprocket. Thats what I did and I do everything but race.

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