Dry Weight for 2001 yz250f/wr250f /wr426f

Does anyone in the world have any weight measurements for the 2001 yz250f/wr250f/wr426f?

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I have a 01 WR426 (Canadian Model) and have scaled it at 280 lbs (full of fuel) which calculates to be 261 lbs (no fuel).

Hope this helps.

By the way I work at a small charter airline in northern Alberta and we use our scale every day for weighing our aircraft loads so I trust its accuracy with my life.


Was that with coolant and oil? I would assume so. Heavier than I thought. Good to know my actual riding weight. Dry weight is kind of meaningless since you can't ride dry.

I just wanted to inform everybody that in the March 2001 edition of Dirt Bike magazine, they have the running weight with no fuel(all fluids in except for gas) for the all stock wr426f at 260lb.

By the way MLN, that makes your estimate almost perfect if not the correct one. Thanks.

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