Kid with a new toy!!

I sold my TTR 225 yesterday and bought a 98 WR400f today. I have only ridden it for a few minutes so far but WOW, what power this thing has! I will have to be careful with it or I will kill myself. It pulled a wheelie in fourth gear. The guy I bought it from has put mods on it so I imagine that has increased the power quite a bit. I am very excited. My only complaint is that he bought a dampner kit that is a "weld on". Then he kept his dapmner so I am left with this welded-on spike sticking up from the frame. Guess I will get a dampner now eh?? Are they worth it? Cant wait to go riding.

Congratulations... A big step up in power and suspension from the TTR... A Dampener would be a greta investment... those who have one swear by them... including me... bit like the hand of god reaching down and pulling on your forks to keep you out of trouble... LOL

You have a lot of reading to catch up... most important thing, change the oil...

Good luck, catch you around...


Thanks...hey, does anyone know where to get a rear fender for this bike. I have searched the web and there are sites that claim to have it for around 20 bucks but the picture is of the YZF fender. I would like to get the one with the socket for the tail light but I cant find any.

I will never ever race without one again...I can sure tell the difference when I get on my YZ after riding with my Scotts Dampner.

You can pick one up for just over $400.00 with the mount and it's worth every penny.

Bonzao :)

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UFO makes a replacement "enduro with taillight" rear fender. Dennis Kirk catalog has them available in 'reflex blue' for '98-'02 WR426,400,250F models (with light) pt# 61-4662 for $43.99. Kinda high $ unless you NEED a new light, too. Phone #800-328-9280.

Personally, I'm going all black plastic (can't find black shrouds, though) w/MX style rear with taillight/fender extension separate and removable.

Hope this helps. Any UFO dealer should be able to get the fender; maybe without the light if you don't need it..?

Ehhheheheh, Welcome to the WR club,, can you imagine the 03 450!!!!!

For a fender try Ebay or this site, lots of guys change out the WR fender when racing to save like 3.5 oz or someting like that :) .

BTW,,, I keep an extra sprak plug in my tail light lense,, and the light is still hooked up!!!!! I have never needed it yet though, but I have all the tool clevarly hidden in nooks and cranies on the bike :D

I rode the bike about 15 miles yesterday. Just plain had a blast. Started at 6am so it would be nice and cool outside. Got in some good riding before it began to rain. I cant wait to finish sprucing up the appearance. I think I am going to put on the YZ rear fender since they are only $15.00 as apposed to $40.00. I dont ride at night anyways. Not yet. I ordered new plastics, graphics, grips, frame guards, other odds and ends. Man, those dampners are too high-dollar. My wife wont let me have one now. Have to wait.

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