Right fork leaking?

I was changing the oil awhile ago in my 06 450f and noticed the right front fork leaking fluid down the piston shaft. I just got new wipers, bushings, and fluid replaced in it 8 riding hours ago ( which was on 11-17-08) five months ago.

The orignal bushings lasted up to 74 hours. That was the hour reading when I took it to have it serviced this past november. The wipers were OEM and the bushings also that were replaced in it at the time.

I dont know why these forks leak like this. I know sometimes you can take a tear off or a 35mm film and run it up in through the wipers to clean the dirt that might have got up in there.

When you do this you loose some fluid and if one fork is leaking and you stick something up in there to clean it and some more fluid runs out,....wont that make the forks unequal on fluid and cause the forks to be unbalanced?

What should I do about this problem?

I just called the guy that services my suspension and he said it could be about anything dirt ect.ect. And that he wouldnt know unless he looked at it. he was covered up he said and was busy at the moment but I aske him if he was going to be at the track this weekend at muddycreek raceway and said he was if he got most everything done at the shop.

I told him that the right fork was leaking and what could it be. I told him he put new wipers,bushings and fluid in it back in november and he said it wouldnt be the bushings.

I guess i will have to wait till sunday at the race and get him to look at it then. He may have to keep it til the next weekend and Ill have to pick it up next weekend as we go by on our way to the next race at thundervalley MX in livingston ,TN.

While I have the wiper pulled down would it be all right to spray some carb cleaner up around the inside of the fork? to loosen up any dirt or grime that is up in there?

I cleaned the wipers good with a Q-tip and wiped the tube off good. I sprayed the wipers with carb cleaner and cleaned them.

Happens to me all the time.......its just dirt stuck in the seal, yes clean out all the dirt and use the film trick, tear-off, business card ect..

Hop on the bike and push the front end up and down, clean again, repeat until it stops leaking.

I think the seals or bushings are bad when you have a puddle on the floor, mine usually is a small amount of liquid on the fork tube.

I wil do that now!... However I did notice when I pulled down the left fork wiper it was dry and no dirt (I cleaned it any way).

However the left wiper fits titer around the tube than the right one does:excuseme: Maybe thats why it is more dirtier under there than the left one.

Do you think I will need to put some more fluid in the right fork or it didnt leak out enough to worry about or make a difference?

Problem solved I hope. Cleaned it out good and kept pushing the forks up and down and clean some more and kept doing this till no more leaking.

Hope it will be good to go now. BTW is there something you can put up in the wiper to keep it from being dry up there? Like some kind of grease or is it better to be dry?

I never add any more fluid, but once a year I do a full tear down on the forks.

Some people say to put grease in there, I leave it dry as I find it easier to clean next time around. I sometimes use the velcro seal savers and they do work, just another thing to take off and clean though.

When you use the film or tear-off you have to go all the way up into the inside of the fork and all the way around the seal (not all at the same time and using a fresh piece of film each time) and hopefully that will dislodge the dirt or usually sand for me.

I have the shock sox that have the velcro but they were kinda dirty also. I will clean them tonight and let them dry. They were dirty around the bottom.

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