OEM Yamaha graphics SUCK

Less than 200 miles and BOTH radiator shroud graphics are coming apart.

left radiator shroud

right radiator shroud

I'm not going to replace the oem graphics with more overpriced oem crap. I know it's early in the life of the WR450 but can anyone recommend aftermarket replacements that will look better and (most importantly) last longer than a month?? :) Which companies have a good track record for durability?

Does anyone make aftermarket graphics for the 450 yet?

I like the One Industries graphics but no one seems to list 03 WR's :)

Isn't the radiator plastic the same as the YZ450's? There was a thread a few days ago over there abount many different graphics. I liked the skin industries free ride.

when you get another set of decals use the backing as a template then trace it off on some n-style clear sticker material.then put the clear on top of the decal...it will act as a scratch resistant buffer.it will not work on tank decals because the gas fumes leach out throught the decals.

i have done this on numberplates to keep the numbers from getting scratched off.works good.try it and report back.


The radiator shrouds from a YZ450 and a WR450 are different. I spoke with IMS to order a high capacity fuel cell last week and they advised me that the mold for the WR450 is not yet complete. But I could, according to IMS, order a large YZ450 cell but I would need to change out the seat and the shrouds. I knew about the seat (WR is wider at rear, longer overall), but bucks for a new seat, shrouds and decals ($$$) turned me off completely.

I've had the One Industries on my '99 since new....with the exception of the tank....all the stickers remain in place.....I replaced the swingarm graphics this year...they were getting pretty beat up. I think the reason they hold up so well is due to the thicker material.

Sucks to see the originals wear off so fast.....precisely why I bagged all the original plastic before I ever rode it.

Good luck! :)

I am somewhat happy with FactoryEffexs(sp) They hold up real well against your knees and the occasional pine branch.

The problem is (unlike the OEMs)when the temp climbs above 70 degrees and there is fuel in the tank its the dreaded bubble time. :)

I had the same thing happen to my graphics this last weekend at a desert race. It was pretty muddy in places and I got splashed on a couple times. I also have long legs. I figured my knees peeled the graphics off when they were wet.

I was joking around back at the truck after the race when I saw that both the shrouds were starting to shed there skin. I was telling my pit crew that I was going so fast that I peeled the graphics right off the bike :), JK.

I ordered N-style graphics a couple weeks ago, and they're still on back order. I had to buy YZ shrouds for my new IMS desert tank which is also on back order. Nice bike, but still a bitch to find parts for.

Boy, I have to agree with you guys on that one. Less than 200 miles on mine too, and the right side has peeled back at the bottom about 2 inches and about 1 inch on the left.

Oh well, it ain't no swow bike.


BUWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! My graphics are fine on my 02' WR426. They used heavy duty graphics on my 02' WR426 :) Just add it to the list of things that are going bad on the 450 vs. the 426.

I would look into CEET, One Industries, and others for some cool graphics kits.

I agree. My WR426 graphics were in excellent condition when I sold it almost a year after having bought it new. Would I rather have kept the WR426 knowing the WR450 would have a few of these little issues? Not a chance. :D:D:D

Thanks for the tips on graphics companies... :)

no problem with my graphics and i have over 200 miles as well.Maybe i got lucky and they used some left over 02 material. :)

Only problem i had was a sheared key yamaha fixed it.Still going strong and i used the e-start everytime to try and break it.Best bike so far.

Like I said, I have long legs (I'm 6'3") and when I'm up on the tank cornering my knees are past the end of the shroud. I figured my pants where they bunch up by the knees were rubbing pretty hard on the shrouds, and pulling the wet plastic off. My 400 put me back a little farther on the seat with the bigger desert tank when cornering so I never had this problem.

This is still no reason to buy a 426 over a 450. It's a minor point. I guess some one has to buy the year old bikes still sitting on the floor.

Cool, thanks Steve

Actually, I bought my 02' WR426 in April of last year. And it was by far from the last one on the floor. Would I get rid of her for the new WR450? NOPE!! I think and still feel that the 02' WR426 is better.

Hint.......Never buy the first year of anything. They will always have the problems. Second generation is usually better..................db :)

My 99 graphics still look good except for the fact that i hit a tree last year :D (nearly put a hole in the gas tank and ripped the shroud off) and i dumped it so many times. :)

Sorry guys, its not just a 450 thing, both sides on my 426 did it also. I peeled them back a bit farther a spayed them with 3M general adhesive spay, no problems since. I will say that the shrouds take a good lashing from the bushes in desert racing and that might have had something to do with it :)

I have had great luck with the following N-Stile, Factory Effects, One Industies they all have good looking stuff and all show in the catalog that they make them for the 03WR450 the only problem is they all seem to be back orderd. I'm waiting for a set to come in myself. Good luck

R1superstar, I bought a 98 YZF400 when nobody knew a thing about them and rode it professionally for 4 years. I never had any major problems I couldn't deal with. No bike is perfect. You will always have the little things no matter what year release it is. The 2004's will probably have some other little annoying quirk.

I never go by the 1st year release "no buy rule". If my 2003 WR450 gives me half as much success as my 98 YZF400 did, I will be a happy man to say the least. Then again it has already starter doing that with a win last sunday.

And now I'm off to spend my winnings. Kick away and I'll see you on the trails.

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