OEM Yamaha graphics SUCK

I should have mentioned any first year product. Not just dirt bikes. But I figured you would have been smart enough to figure that one out. As for your YZF400, you got lucky then huh?

And there is no need for your sarcasm. It just shows your more intellectual side. hehe..............db :)


I didn't mean to come off sarcastic or rude. I just mean to say that I had real good "luck" with my 98 YZF400, sure it had its problems but I worked through them, and I really love my new 03 WR450.

I'm easy to please when it comes to dirt bikes as you can tell. Hell, I raced a KX500 for a couple years and a CR500 before that, and I loved both those bikes also. I'm just happy to be able to ride.

This is still no reason to buy a 426 over a 450. It's a minor point. I guess some one has to buy the year old bikes still sitting on the floor.

And now I'm off to spend my winnings. Kick away and I'll see you on the trails.

I guess I read it wrong. Hmmmmmmmmmmm....Oh well, peace..

Second generation is usually better..................db

We'll look forward to when your son (or daughter) is old enough to start posting up on TT. :)

No you didn't read it wrong, I'm razzin' you a little bit cuz I like my first generation bike, too. :D

Good comeback. Now go and do something productive.............db :)

P.S. Is that a 250 in your sig? :D

No stickers looks best!

They way you get out of paying thier advertising costs too!

$0.02 (saved!)


Showing off your intellectual side again. I see you can read and interpret my entire sig line. :D

Somehow I know you'll have another comeback. But I can't help it. There's probably more productive things both of us could be doing though, huh? :)


Nope, nothing else to say. Besides you opened you pie hole first. Now it is time you close it. You have your opinions and I'll have mine. See-Ya!..............db :)

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