Florida Dual Sport Questions (help!)

Can anyone explain how to register/tag a dirt bike in FL. I just purchased an 03 WR450F and the bikes MSO has already been sent in by dealer as required by FL.law to be titled non-highway use. How can I reg./tag the bike (after setting the bike up to meet all DMV Street legal requirements). I would like to dual sport the bike. DMV says you can't without Yamaha sending a new MSO showing highway use. Tag agency says to contact DMV and they will supply the forms required. Will other states issue a new title,reg.tag which can be reregistered in Fl. without the current vin# red flagging the title when it comes back from another state ? If anyone can suggest a method that works now that Florida requires everyone to register your dirt bike / ATV if you want to ride on public land.

:) Thanks in advance for any tested suggestions.

Jonethumper, I live in FL and want to do the same thing. I call Baja Designs and talk to one of there customer service guys. He said that Florida is a difficult, he wouldn't say impossible but that is the feeling I got from the conversation. So I called my local (FL) tag office and the clerk I spoke with told me that I would not be able to get a WR tagged in Florida.

He (BAja Designs) did say that Georgia was an easier state to deal with. I have a brother who lives there and would let me use his address. A few weeks ago I posted a question just like yours except about Georgia and no one responded. I haven't had to time to be on hold for an hour with Atlanta tag office but hope to soon.

If you have heard that it is possible in FL please let me know.

Just saw something along this line posted on the FTR board -tag discussion. The Vermont route is the only one I've heard of but is appearantly no longer and option! Their member guide explains the procedure in the enduro section. I've wanted to get a tag but never got around to it. Oh well!!! :)

I sent my out-of-state title & registration form to Vermont last week. My dealer filled out the appropriate info on the form when I bought the bike. He also collected the VT sales tax (6%). Vermont DMV confirmed they collect the tax directly from the dealer. I believe this is an easier process for a _new_ bike, but not impossible for a used bike.

Have a look at their website: http://www.aot.state.vt.us/dmv/Vehicles/Motorcycles/Motorcycles.htm

Thanks for the reply. I've heard about a moped method. I'm worried the DMV computer will cross the vin# and burn me since the bike is already titled non-highway use. You guys with bikes that have not yet been reg. wouldn't have to worry about that.

The VT title process requires no lien and I financed part of the cost, this is the main reason I haven't been able to find anything that works. Every state requires a clean title after reading their guidelines for out of state title transfer.


Try posting over in the Dual Sport Forum... plenty of experience there...


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