Danger 50ft Roost Zone Stickers?

I purchased these in the past and want more. Anyone know who/where I can get some.


Oh yeah !!! I want one too

One of my friends has got " yes its fast, and no you cant ride it"

Kinda typifies my reaction to onlookers too :)


I will see if I still have Ben's email (Just emailed him 5 minutes after this post). I lost mine up at Jordan Creek in December, along with a $50 rear fender. Roger's Road water bars in heavy rain, you know how that goes :)



I really don't have very many left, but I'll try hook you guys up.

Email me at armourbl@yahoo.com with your full name and mailing address. Include your TT screen name too.

Let me clarify that this offer is only good for the 3 individuals who posted above. I just don't have enough to start taking orders again.

ben (Roost Zone sticker distributor)

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