IDEA to make a wr450 street legal in CA

Technically no you can not do it in CA because the bike does not meet on road emissions...:p

My uncle basically did this a couple of years ago 2007 when he bought a TDI Jetta in Nevada, left it w/ my other uncle to put miles on it and then he brought it to Ca. after it had 7500 miles. this vehicle did not meet Ca. emissions and at the the time was not even avaliable here. So, to me, weather it is a car or a bike it think there is a loop hole where you can bring something here and register it. I think the biggest part is the it is title as a "Motorcycle"

I think the biggest part is the it is title as a "Motorcycle"

The title must say "Motorcycle" but the 7500 mile thing technically does not apply to motorcycles

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