Should I do it?

I found a 2000 XR650R for sale locally with very low miles. Currently I ride an XR600R, and though big and heavy it does pretty well in the woods.

Is the 650R capable of chugging in the woods?

How much better is the 650R suspension?

The trails around here consist of mostly clay and rock, though I do enjoy blasting open desert a few times and year and more open hill climbs on the east side of the state.

A major motive to get this bike is the fact that it is 7 years newer than my 600 and should hold together pretty well for the next couple of years.

Opinion? Keep the 600 or invest another $1000-1200 and get the 650R? :)

Run, do not walk...and get that XR650R, my Pig Brother! :)

Get the 650! :) The suspension sucks like the 600 did. I loved my XR600 but the XR650R has more power, stronger built and pulls like a tractor.

Well I finally got a hold of the seller and the bike was gone. I have been watching the price fall on it and it had finally gone from $3800 to $3100 obo. I guess that is what I get for waiting. I would like to get a 650 and DS it with the BD or Electrex kit. These local dual sport runs look fun.

Thanks guys and keep the opinions coming.


I have a 2000 for sale and was asking $3500 for it, I could be pursuaded to lower the price since I am in Mass and the bike will need to be shipped. Let me know if your interested ( The bike is in excellant shape and has Pro Tapers, Applied racing Top Clamp, Panoram Computer, Bark busters with shrouds, N-style seat and graphics, new tires, chain and sprockets..Let me know if you are interested.

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