WR450 tuned in - one fine ride..

With 145 miles in 3 weeks and alot of hours tuning this blue babe, I have got her almost perfect. I am very impressed with this ride. :) I have greatly reduced times on practice trails and am now out front amongst our group of riders. For the first time, this past weekend I was waiting on the group to catch up with me. What a feeling that was.. Raising the forks made a major difference in handling and I highly recommend it. The last problem to solve is when hot, with 48 PJ and needle set at pos 5, it sometimes stalls when rolling the throttle from still. I think a thinner needle with position at 4 or 3 would be a better setting for low end, but I will try pilot air first.

Sounds like you are having a blast on your new ride.

Indiana is still under snow, so our riding has been very limited. Can't wait to ride hard!

And to think you could have had a VOR and spared us all. :)

Alabama, I thougt you said you were boarder line rich, wont a small needle make it rich? I put my stock needle on 6 and it did the samething then moved it to 5 seems to help but still falls during hard take off, also have you notice your rev limiter coming on mine seems to come to early.steve

Luv2, I think it is only rich coming off the bottom. I was thinking of backing off of the PJ 1 size and going to the thinner needle to help in the under 1/4 throttle range. With a higher clip position (2 or 3) on a thinner needle the big hit shouldn't come till your rpms are up. But before I fool with needle and PJ, I am going to increase pilot air, and see if it takes care of the off bottom stall.. It is perfect above 1/2 throttle, but I run a 158 main, and most run a 160, thus don't think the thinner needle will hurt there. The problem could be the accelerator pump, but don't want to mess with it as it is right where I want it once shes rolling. Haven't had any problems with the rev limiter.... SMD, it's always good to have your positive input.


When are we going to see pics of these plastics on the bike

I put the YZ needle in, went to the MX track yesterday. I have the jetting the way I want it now. There is no off idle bog. :D Pulls great all the way. I have to get use to the compression braking, it can send you to the front of the bike real quick :) The front was waaaay to soft. I have added new heaver springs, but still bottomed on the not so big jumps. Will be adding oil to the fork (max limit) tonight.

Moto, sounds like you got it right. How is the YZ needle different from the OBDUQ-4 (CDN, WR needle)?

It is a richer needle. Not sure of the straight and angle though. I'm trying to find a chart for these needles. I will post them when I get them.

I have to get use to the compression braking, it can send you to the front of the bike real quick

Wanna see some compression braking try a DRZ400. First time I let off the throttle I almost tore the gas cap off. :D OUCH! :)

I just sold my 00 DRZ400E. I know what your saying tad69,I found you had to be very sharp when standing :D. I am sure this new scoot is a whole differant animal.I say that because I have only been able to put 6 street miles on her due to snow :). The good news is that its almost gone :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

03 WR450FR- grey wire mod., Works connection alum. frame guards.

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