Water In The Oil

:p:lol: Newbie again

let me clear the question up a little . 2001 yz426f bought it from a friend

they say he walked the hound out of it. i got it home tried to start it

did not start so i checked the oil it was milkey so i draind all the oil flushed it out real good let it set for a few days to let it drain real good. replaced the oil with new oil . the bike started fine cut it off checked the oil it was milkey again . replaced the water pump seal problem solved. flushed all the milkey oil out again put new oil in started fine let it run for a minute or two cut it off

tried to start it back it sounds like the piston is scrubbing while moving up or down . moved it with a ratchet back and forth feels pretty good . so we tried to kick start it and it gets stuck. can free up with socket wrench fine just that one point it gets real stiff and wants to lock up. when i started it it ran fine dont under stand.

To begin with, the water pump seals cannot ordinarily cause cross contamination:


You may have simply picked up more sludge from the residue of the water that was in there previously. It WILL NOT drain out, no matter how long you leave it sit. But, you may also have a problem. Check the possible leak points listed in the link above.

The lock up issue could be a number of things, but you should start by inspecting the cam timing and the condition of the tensioner.

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