YZ IMS tank and seat

I just purchased a YZ IMS tank and seat for my 2000 WR400 and one of the holes for the petcock tubes are too small. If I drill the one out it would be one big hole. Is this ok? Should I purchase a new petcock? I will end up purchasing a new gasket so it fits tighter. I wanted to check before I made a mistake. Please advise. Thanks

What tank did you get John?? My Ty Davis tank by IMS did'nt have that problem.If its just a small amount of material maybe a clean-up pass with a rat tailed file will solve your problem?? Plastic flashing from the mfg. process??? If not call IMS or someone else can assist?? Hope this helps.

Just re-read your post;you can enlarge the hole as long as it does not interfere with the bolt holes and your gasket covers the outside edges of your petcock.That should work fine.

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my tank came with a new petcock, i hope your talking about the new one.


I purchased it used from someone. The one hole is too small to allow the filter to enter the tank. When I take the filter off it goes in fine. So I think I can increase the diameter of the hole but the 2 holes are so close together if I enlarge the one it will end up being one hole. I will make sure the hole is smaller than the gasket. Maybe I will call IMS also. Thanks

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