need help on my 2000 426

1 week ago i got a 2000 426 from a frind i did work for he got it new rode it for 3 years and its been sittign ever since with gas in it :p its ! hell of a bitch to start, like 3 hrs to make it run a bit and when it dose it has major popping when you let of the throtle .. im doign a major over hawl on it iv riped everything off to clean it all. only main mod to it other then aperance and prtection/ shocks is a pro circuit pipe. im gettign the jd jet kit and extendid fuel screw, and a MAJOR carb cleaning. first what jets should i use i run from sea leveal were i live (vancouver bc) to 4000 ft or so and mostly run in the 15-25c weather also im looking at the 2003 auto decom mod but the yamaha dealer sels the part for $280 and i cant find it on the TT site any help with that? other then that stufand the standard spark plug oil changes what should i do? also im checkingthe valves this weekend i have not got a shop manual yet but have found oin this site for the 2000 i need .10 -.15mm fir intake and .25-.30mm for exhaust is that corect?

i just priced out the oem 450 auto decom cam shaft and the 426 hotcams one and it is liek a $10 dif so soudl i just go with the hotcams one since it is easyer to instal?

ther then the cam i have already pic a few other things form the TT store, extended fuel mix screw, k&n air filter and jd jet kit. is there any thing ealse i sould get while im at it?

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