Is the gas cap supposed to have a ball in it?

My gas tank seems to leak a lot through the gas cap. Its been doing it for a while so I took it apart and there is nothing in it. Should there be a check ball/spring in it?


I have a checkvalve in the overflow tube to prevent that. I didn't check the cap, but I don't think there's anything in it besides a hole.

I have one of those stubby gas cap vents and last year on my 2 stroke it never leaked, on my 450 it leaks after about the 2nd lap, even at 1/2 tank??? Maybe it's because the gas got sucked up so fast with the yz, the 450 just sips it.


Maybe I'll put a ball and a light duty spring in there and see if I can stop some of the leak. I have already changed to a shorty vent hose and it did no good. Now instead of leaking on the front fender it just leaks on the tank itself.

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