To much oil?? Or something else

Well first of all I just changed colors, i was an avid honda rider for years, then i recently bought an 06 450. Love the bike, when i first got it, checked the oil as the manual says. It seemed low so i added some more till it got to the top of the XX, rode it once on a 3-5 hour ride. Been in the back of my pickup since, i noticed a little oil out of the valve cover tube, no big deal. Checked it again, fine. I rode it today for prolly 30-40 minutes, when i got back to the truck, there was oil on my wheel on the left side. Coming from the tube im assuming. I have searched this, but is this to much oil? Could something else be wrong with it? Im just new to the Yamaha's so i was curious. Anything i could check? Thanks for any information.

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