clutch sticking ,03 wr450f

When i pull the clutch in it dosent disengage the bike still want to go and i can't get it into nutural when the bike is on.

Use quality engine oil . Adjust or replace cable ,inspect basket for grooving on the fingers, replace clutch pack . I am about to replace the clutch pack in my 03' as i have done the all of the above except this one.


the cable is new, engin oil is high quality, ther is some grove on the basket but my buddy said that its not eongh to cause any problems. when do you need to file them down?? any pics???

Waydog ,

The grooves dont have to be really deep to create the problems that your having. Like I said in your other post, the plate cant fully float in the basket like they should that why your bike is lurching forward and you are having trouble putting the bike in nutrl. Your pulling the clutch in and your pressure plate is moving out like it should but your plates are sticking together and not sliding easily in the basket. drain the oil take off your clutch cover and look on how the clutch works when you pull on the lever then you will see what im talking about. It might be best if you pull your basket when filing the ears down so you dont get shaving in your engine. I have heard of people doing it in the bike but not my choice. Also look at your inner hub if that is grooved also then the combination of the basket and the hub is why all this is happening. Just use a flat file to file them down. good luck:thumbsup:

Another suggestion. Take a look at the metal clutch plates. They should be absolutely flat. If you've overheated the clutch they may have warped. I had this problem with my '04 and the symptoms were exactly the same as you're describing. If you need to replace them I recommend going with oem.

I had a problem on my R1. The clutch cover had a small crack in it. Wasn't really even noticable. But it was enough to flex when the clutch was trying to disengage. I replaced the cover and my problem was cured. Has the bike taken a fall on that side?

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