"Updated Parts" Update

For the heck of it I'm going to take 2 guesses as to how the new flywheel is different. Anyone else want to try.

1 A uniform taper with a different finish.

2 A lighter flywheel with possibly a longer key.


Sorry to be off topic but I would like to ask infos on your bike setup :) but for any reason I'm unable to send you PMs?


i hope its fixed too, i pick mine up tomorrow!!!!!

Endurodog I've had my new WR since 2/3/03 but I live in the no. east and ther has been too much snow to ride.I am sure that once we get to ride them you might start to see another rash of failures. :) I hope thats not the case but will need to wait another 2-4 weeks.

Here's something to chew on.

1-check Flywheel Torque for first time (only started bike in garage) @35 lbs - retorque to 47 lbs. 2-ride bike about 1 mile in back yard. 4 days later (today) check torque before riding, NOT 47 lbs, nut had lost torque. Rode bike for about another plus or minus 1.5 miles. Stop, put bike away, check torque again Not 47 lbs, nut had lost torque again. Saturday I am going to put a couple small center puch marks on the crank and flywheel nut to see if the nut is backing off or perhaps the flywheel is just seating farther and farther onto the crank. How many people have been checking there flywheel torque until it stabilizes.

Adam, after i changed my jetting, pulled the airbox snorkle, and put in the GYT insert, i took it for a spin around the yard..... wow. this is definately not an XR. :)


I have a question for you, when you recheck the torque are you loosening or tightening the nut? You didn't say, but it takes less torque to remove a nut then it did to install at the proper torque setting. Just wondering.



You mentioned this on a different post, but it is worth reiterating here:

"Just a thought, but if there is a backfire and the starter mechanism locks the flywheel and the piston still wants to turn the crank, it looks like the key may be failing because the crank is slipping but the flywheel is locked in place because of the starting mechanism. Maybe the key is breaking to protect the starting gears."

And again here I'll mention, perhaps they should have engineered the starter to free-wheel in the reverse direction ? However, the inertia and speed at which that would happen is beyond the capability of that "juice-can" sized starter. How about a car-like selenoid to engage and withdraw the starter ? Are other bikes like that ? Iv'e placed 80 miles on the bike since the re-tourque but it is now on the stand until this is resolved. If not, I'm tempted to pull off the starter/battery and kick start the bike. Weight savings ?

It will take some YZ replacement parts and creative machining, but I'd rather have that then the bike fail 30 miles into a Utah desert ride. Any thoughts ?

HighPlainsWR ,

if Yamaha can't fix this problem, I'm sure someone like Ty Davis or Doug Dubach can...It's nothing money can't solve.

nothing money can't solve???? this better be a free fix for us. $6500 + for the WR450.they beter pay for the fix not me !!!

Well I'm hoping the fix has worked cause no one has reported a failure in over a week.

Money, money, money. I'm thinking it's a good thing to strap my Garman GPS on during a Utah desert ride. That way if the bike shears a woodruff key I can give the bank the latitude/longitude so they can recover thier asset. Other than that I'm only riding in the desert with an XR600 tractor buddy to tow the sum bitch outa there.

LOL. :) I still have my XR400. Just in case. :D It's not the fastest or the coolest bike. But, I know 20 years from now, some 15 year old kid will be tearing up the trails with it. Probubly on the original piston and rings. :D

You guys just need to ride the bikes and stop worrying about it failing.Mine broke and yamaha lapped them together.I have had zero problems at all using the e-start only(200 miles and couting).I did a enduro and was 20 miles out still tapping the e-start.Just enjoy a great bike. :)

To All, Flywheel torque has stabilized after 3 retorque's. Now have about 8 easy miles on bike. First race next week there's a test for ya.

Since you took out the baffle re-jetted, cut the grey wire, your warranty is nul and void

I dropped mine off at the dealer with no throttle stop, no baffle, and no gray wire. They fixed the flywheel with no questions asked.

I rode it all day today with aggressive use of the electric starter and had no problems (other than trying to wipe the grin off my face).

Number 82 what did they do to your bike? Did they give you updated parts or just retorq?


Did they give you updated parts or just retorq?

It received a new flywheel, a new woodruff key, and a new gasket. There's no printed service buttetin. Just tell the service tech to call Yamaha before doing anything.

I tried to get more details but I couldn't talk to the technician who worked on it. The service writer didn't know much about it.

Yamaha is sure going out of their way to keep us in the dark. Why no TSB? Why does the dealer have to call? My dealer called last tuesday and Yamaha Technical Assistance still has not returned their call. Whats up with that? :)

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